Sunday, 14 June 2009

Women in Charge

Welcome to Women in Charge-- a birth blog project of Wisewoman Childbirth Traditions. This blog is here to empower and encourage women to take charge of their bodies, their babies and their births. Women are powerful and women are strong. We are in charge.

Advance of Women in Malaysia!

Women empowerment is also another big thing at the PKR-do tomorrow, which will kick off with dinner on Friday night.

A resolution putting women in charge of at least 30 percent of all party posts is another reform aimed to reflect the reality of the times and the gender’s contribution.

“This is something PKR is very serious about and what we are trying to do is to give shape to that wish. We don’t want to just pay lip service and then do nothing. Women are and will be a vital part of PKR,” said vice-president Sivarasa Rasiah.

'Suffragettes' of Iran demand to be heard!

If what unfolded over the past week was a Tehran "spring", then it was, at least partly, driven by the pent-up despair of women, who more than any other group, have waited in vain for more than 30 years to get back their social and political rights.

The Matriarchy Of New Hampshire

WHAT'S THE MATTER with New Hampshire? The flinty, crusty, Union Leader-reading, Labatt's-sipping, seat belt-shunning state went on a bender of progressive policy actions last month, approving legislation that might put the Cambridge City Council to shame.

What could be causing this unprecedented turn in Granite State politics? Here's one idea: WOMEN.

Since January, the New Hampshire Senate has been making history as the first majority female legislative body in the country: Thirteen of its 24 members are women!

The Washitaw are the original Americans and a matriarchal people

Their leader at present is Empress Verdiacee 'Tiari' Washitaw-Turner Goston El-Bey

I have recently found out about the Washitaw who are black people that claim they are the original inhabitants of America. The Washitaw say they made the mounds and pyramids there and were there before the Native Americans and long before the white people.

In The Washitaw Doctrine by Dr R. A. Umar Shabazz Bey, compiled under the direction of the Empress of the Washitaw, it says:

"The Creator's divine guidance placed a woman over the family, the nation and the Empire. Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Empire has an oral legacy of over 10,000 yearsof rulership by Empresses. The Creator annointed the woman as the law giver and the man as law enforcer."

The Washitaw People:

Bard of Ely sites:

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Into battle with warrior woman!

"There’s a new breed of woman dominating the headlines. She is feisty, fabulous, and would never be defined by her man (even if he is the president of the US). And with fearless campaigner Joanna Lumley leading the charge, there’s no stopping her. We salute you, Warrior Woman!"

Matriarchy of the old and new type

The concept of matriarchy is invoked every time we find a human development report ranking Kerala at the top. Is there a causal link between matriarchy and social indicators? If yes, what has been the form of matriarchy that survives in today’s society?

Johann Jakob Bachofen - Explorer of the Mother Right

"The Spartans’ supposed rejection of private property influenced the utopian ideas of Sir Thomas More and the AbbĂ© de Mably and, much later, the communist philosophy of Friedrich Engels. For the eighteenth-century French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the Spartans’ subordination of their own individual interests to the good of the state offered a prototype for the ‘social contract,’ while the apparent licence accorded Spartan women constituted, for the nineteenth-century Swiss historian Johann Jakob Bachofen, the remnants of a once more universal institution of matriarchy."

Interview with Russell Means

“We need paradigm shift,” says Russell Means. “What is wrong today is what is wrong tomorrow.” And, what is wrong with the world today? History---or “his-story” as Means so aptly emphasizes---over these last 6,000 years is a convenient lie.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Matriarchy Subverted

The ascension of patriarchy seems to have necessitated the diminishment of matriarchy.

Meet India's youngest MP

IN A man's world, it's hard for minority tribal groups to hold on to matrilineal traditions.

'Men Live Better Where Women Are In Charge'

How does a matriarchy really work? Argentinian writer Ricardo Coler decided to find out and spent two months with the Mosuo in southern China. "Women have a different way of dominating," the researcher told SPIEGEL ONLINE.,1518,627363,00.html