Sunday, 14 June 2009

The Washitaw are the original Americans and a matriarchal people

Their leader at present is Empress Verdiacee 'Tiari' Washitaw-Turner Goston El-Bey

I have recently found out about the Washitaw who are black people that claim they are the original inhabitants of America. The Washitaw say they made the mounds and pyramids there and were there before the Native Americans and long before the white people.

In The Washitaw Doctrine by Dr R. A. Umar Shabazz Bey, compiled under the direction of the Empress of the Washitaw, it says:

"The Creator's divine guidance placed a woman over the family, the nation and the Empire. Washitaw de Dugdahmoundyah Empire has an oral legacy of over 10,000 yearsof rulership by Empresses. The Creator annointed the woman as the law giver and the man as law enforcer."

The Washitaw People:

Bard of Ely sites:


  1. Their history sounds a tad odd--plus their driving licenses are not recognized and can land you in trouble.

  2. Wow, it just amazes me how people oppose a truth that has been archeologically and scientifically proven, but because it's not in history books that were written in the early to mid 20th century, it's not valid, odd, or unfounded, as if the academicians are/were ALL-KNOWING!!!!!!! Knowledge progresses with time as we evolve, so please keep an open mind people.
    The Washitaw are/were not Internationally recognized (in Geneva Switzerland)as the oldest Indigenous Nation in America hap-hazardly, or for sh*&ts and giggles! The Queen and her Imperial Heads proved their stance and obtained this recognition in person, which pretty much rules-out the possibility of it being a mere THEORY!

  3. Interesting to see more information about matriarchy in humanity's past. There may also be clues to a matriarchal past with Plato's lost Atlantis. We now have scientific evidence from three different disciplines that an Atlantis-like event occurred 9620 BCE (right when Plato said Atlantis sank), plus we may have an alternate version of the Atlantis story in the myth of Athena's birth. The parallels are striking, but they also imply that Atlantis and its refugees were matriarchies. And some of the possible children of Atlantis tend to suggest this, as well.

    Atlantis Quest:
    Uncovering the Secrets that Prove Plato Right

  4. Cutefeet. your comment indicates that u are either an agent or just plain ignorant to the facts about the Washitaw. Your comments come from a place of fear and limitation as if u are trying to scare people away from us. What up with that? Lovecutefeet, we stopped issuing licenses a long time ago. We figured that since we are not payin any taxes to the US Dept. of Transpo we should not issue licenses, YET. But we do issue OFFICIAL ID's. I was stopped by a police officer and showed my Washitaw ID to him and he didnt hassle me at all. If he had, I would fight it because I know we are a very real nation. Lovecutefeet we have a Sunday conference EVERY week. Open to everyone who has comments or questions. Go to and click on "Sunday Conference Call". Most people who have opinions still won't call which lets me know they are just "runnin their mouth" as I like to say. - is my site......Psyche